- Advantages of the LOBYC program -

The LOBYC computer program is a friendly graphical interphase application that allows users the issuance of the loadsheet, LIR ( Loading Instruction Report ), NOTOC, Payload, Trip Info and any pertinent messages associated with the flight in a rapid, accurate and easy way. LOBYC is definitely more than an alternative to manual loadsheet.

The program has been evaluated and approved by all of the airlines that it has been presented to.

It has the most complete output data, providing more information than any other program, e.g.     

- DATABASE, showing the last update of the Company DATABASE.

- GRP, showing the PANTRY being used.

- STAB TO : Stabilizer gradient for lift-offs with different flap settings.

- ZFW, TOW and LAW limits in I.U. and % of MAC.

- Weights used for pax and bags.

In all of the surveys carried out with airline pilots, the industry's top experts in this field, they have praised the accuracy and far-reaching extent of the data provided by the loadsheets rendered by the LOBYC program.

In all of the surveys carried out to this date, the end-users of the program have highlighted easy use and speedy response.

No mistakes in the official load and balance sheet means fuel savings in all stages of the flight.    

The program blocks any mistake. It has various modules that evaluate the data being put into its database and those later being added by its users. In other words, one of its most important aspects is the amount of highly complex algorithms assuring a NIL incidence of errors both in the acceptance of the input data as well as the output of the final flight document.

● The program is extremely easy to use, even by those who have minimum computer knowledge or load and balance sheet experience. Training courses are therefore considerably shorter and easy to follow and there is no need to refer to the Airline Loading Manual.

The load and balance sheet can be rendered in less than 1 minute, and few seconds for any last-minute changes. Using LOBYC as your weight and balance system, significantly reduces the time spent in preparing the loadsheet and the messages. Your flight always ON TIME.

It is an independent program which does not need to rely upon external CPU's or phone connections. That's what makes it so quick.  Furthermore, the program will continue to do its job even if there are breakdowns in the system. This is where a program like LOBYC proves its worth.

It can be used on any compatible PC worldwide and in anywhere in an airport.

● The program automatically generates allied messages, such as CPM, LDM, UCM, etc.. for their subsequent forwarding by other means of communication ( route telex, e-mail, SMS's to cellular phones, fax, ACARS, etc.).

● It can be easily personalized and updated quickly.

● LOBYC uses IATA AHM 050 Data for all calculations. The loadsheets produced by LOBYC are fully IATA and EU-OPS compliant, ensuring that all standards are fully met.  


A matter of brand keenness. The airline will have a personalized program tailored to its particular needs, something hard to find in standard load and balance sheet manuals.

The airline will have a constantly updated program that can be used throughout the world. Pilots will know by the AIRLINE - DATABASE - MONTH/YR tabs on the top of the screen that all of the data calculated by the program is always correct.

It does away with the need to purchase or print special forms for calculating the load and balance sheets, meaning significant savings and higher year-end profits.

The assurance of having an official document that is correctly filled out and can be filed with airport authorities without any worry whatsoever.

Having a tool like LOBYC , perhaps the best in its class, provides security, punctuality and prestige to any airline. It lessens the workload on the handling staff and pilots, in particular, who when seeing the AIRLINE - DATABASE - MONTH/YR heading on the loadsheet, will know that all of the data calculations are correct.

 Free-of-charge dry runs. It's simple use and prompt response allows for better flight planning by providing highly relevant data such as AZFW, ATOW, UNDERLOAD, weight limits and the allowed traffic load.

● Tool for quality auditing and checking of third party loadsheets.


The program require minimal training for staff  and does not require specialized personnel. Having the characteristics of each and every one of the company's aircraft precludes any technical errors.

● Training staff cost time and money. LOBYC program save time and money ... and is cheap.

● The handling agent shall have an internal evaluation ( audit ) program to ensure compliance with airline's procedures and applicable regulatory requirements.

 Loadsheet can be adapted not only to the characteristics of the aircraft but also the airline's specific requirements. Handling staff will not need to consult individual manuals or company circulars. 

● LOBYC runs on any PC with Windows 95 or greater. In general no upgrade of computer equipment is required.

● No need to control, order and store manual loadsheet's blocks of different airlines.

● Loadsheet can be printed few seconds after check-in close. No rush in prepare a manual loadsheet and no need to close check-in on time. LOBYC is the final solution for weight and balance calculations.